AITHM James Cook University

AITHM values accountability, integrity and swift, responsive leadership. These values inform the structure and operations of AITHM’s governance and management structure.

AITHM’s Advisory Board, Management Advisory Committee, Director, Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer provide governance, strategic oversight and leadership of the Institute. 

Management Advisory Committee

The Management Advisory Committee (MAC) is intended to be advisory and consultative in character, providing the senior leadership of the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine (DTHM) and its constituent Colleges, a forum through which advice can be provided to the management of AITHM.

Functions and Responsibilities

The MAC’s role is advisory, and thus responsibility and executive decision-making rest with the AITHM Director and management. The MAC will make recommendations and provide advice on key issues pertaining to AITHM’s activities, including opportunities to strengthen engagement and collaboration with the Colleges and DTHM.

The MAC will:

  • advise on AITHM research direction and priorities, opportunities to leverage and strengthen collaboration and engagement within the Division, commercialisation, stakeholder relationships, income, operations, infrastructure and services
  • support AITHM to identify and pursue external research funding including from industry and philanthropic sources
  • advise on current and potential research training programs within AITHM and DTHM more broadly
  • provide advice to the Director on expected skills gaps based on the proposed research program activities
  • act as a senior consultative forum between AITHM, the Colleges and the Division.

The Committee meets quarterly and is comprised of senior staff from the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine and AITHM:

  • AITHM Director (Chair)
  • AITHM Deputy Director
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor, Division of Tropical Health and Medicine (DTHM)
  • Head AITHM Operations
  • Director, Research Development DTHM
  • DTHM Deans of College:
    • Dean, College of Medicine and Dentistry
    • Dean, College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences
    • Dean, College of Healthcare Sciences