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Funding Awarded

Burkot, TR; Amos B. 2021-2022  Development and Validation of Male Aedes Sound Trap (MAST). Verily Life Sciences AUD 65,493

Burkot, TR 2020-2023. Building Capacity for Evidence Based Sustainable Vector Surveillance and Control in the Pacific. Pacific Infectious Diseases Prevention Program, Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. AUD 5.1m 

Staunton, K; Burkot, TR; 2020-2021 Development and Validation of Male Aedes Sound Trap. Verily Life Sciences AUD 145,470

Russell, T 2020 Daily sugar feeding by Ae albopictus, Far North Qld Hospital Foundation AUD 5,000

 Ritchie, S, Swan T, and Burkot T. 2019- 2020. Beyond Thursday Island: Expanding the current Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) control program across the Torres Strait. Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation AUD 25,000

 Staunton K, Burkot T, Xiang W; 2019-2020. JCU Mosquito Trap Development; Verily Life Sciences - Contract Research; AUD 576,874

 Russell, T, Burkot TR, Ritchie, S. 2019-2020. Protecting north Queensland from Aedes albopictus, an exotic dengue vector, with Attractive Targeted Sugar Baits; TAAHC AUD 50,000

 Grigg, M 2019-22, Project Leader. (Burkot, TR- Entomology Component Lead) Establishing a network for surveillance of emerging zoonotic malaria in Indonesia. ACIAR LS/2019/116 AUD 517,020

 Burkot, TR 2019. Vector Control Technical Landscape Analysis of Papua New Guinea. The Regents of the University of California - Contract Research AUD 36,926

 Burkot, TR 2017-19. Technology Identification to Optimize Malaria Vector Control. BMGF, US$ 484,939 (AUD 605,563)

 McBryde E, Larkins S, Clements A, Marais B, Siba P, Whittaker M, Burkot T, MacLaren D, Milne G, Speare R. 2017-19. Tropical partnerships to strengthen health systems responses to infectious diseases threats. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) - Tropical Disease Research Regional Collaboration Initiative. AUD 2,000,000

 Burkot, TR. 2017. Development of Malaria Operational Research Strategy, and Funding Proposals, to Evaluate Novel Malaria Vector Control Interventions. PATH. US$ 16,200

 Burkot, TR 2017. Contract to manage vector projects. Intellectual Ventures Labs US$ 20,000

 Burkot, TR, Russell TL, Johnson B and Pollard E. 2016-17 Serologic Assays to Determine Anopheline Exposure and Malaria in Hotspots in Malaria Elimination Settings. AITHM Capacity Building Grant AUD 99,900.

 Burkot, TR, 2016-17; Development of a Vector Management Programme at Intellectual Ventures Labs, Intellectual Ventures Property Holdings LLC - Contract Research US$250,000 (AUD 339,277)

 Burkot TR. 2015-2017. Defining the Role of Intellectual Ventures in Vector Biology Research Intellectual Ventures Property Holdings LLC – Consultancy. AUD450,638 

      2015; A Role for Vector Research at Global Good; Intellectual Ventures/Global Good Lab, US$60,000

      2015-16; LFA Platform for Improved Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests; Global Good Lab, US$113,362

      Evaluation of PTS platforms in villages in the Solomon Islands. Intellectual Ventures Labs. US$100,000

 Burkot, TR, 2014-16, Orchestrator, Vector Borne Disease Network; BMGF; extension of US$1.86 m

 Burkot, TR, 2014-15, SEMAT sensors for anopheline surveillance, AITHM, AUD 35,000

 Burkot, TR, 2014, Orchestrator, Vector Borne Disease Network; BMGF; Q1 extension of US$360,000

 Burkot, TR, 2013, Orchestrator, Vector Ecology and Control Network; BMGF; US$1.6 m

 Burkot, TR, 2011-2012; Orchestrator, Vector Control Development Network; BMGF; US$2.25 m



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