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20 November 2018

From the WOMB: Women act for Mums and Bubs

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child – a positive ‘village’ environment means better outcomes for the child.
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20 November 2018

How reducing poultry disease is improving the quality of life of rural Zambian communities

Researchers at the AITHM have partnered with a Zambian team to implement an innovative poultry disease surveillance program that’s improving food security and income generation in the country’s farming communities.
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17 October 2018

Eliminating Malaria in the Solomon Islands

Malaria is a big problem in the Solomon Islands and a team of AITHM researchers are working to understand why insecticide treated nets are one of the most effective control strategies.
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15 October 2018

2017 Annual Report

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03 October 2018

The deadly combination of medicine and mathematics

Professor Emma McBryde’s research on infectious diseases has had a significant impact across the globe, thanks to a combination of medicine and mathematics. When Professor Emma McBryde returned to Australia from a research trip to Papua New Guinea, she brought news no one was expecting...
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19 September 2018

Testing new criteria for diagnosing gestational diabetes

James Cook University Research puts new criteria for diagnosing gestational diabetes to the test. Changes to Australian guidelines for the testing of gestational diabetes have led to double the number of mothers being treated for the disease, according to researchers from James Cook University.
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05 September 2018

The accidental parasitologist

Although Doctor Michael Smout likes to call himself an “accidental parasitologist,” seeing the impassioned researcher excitedly present his work makes it hard to imagine he’d ever do anything else.
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29 August 2018

Partners LEAP in for improved Indigenous health

Professor Sarah Larkins from James Cook University explains, “Despite the unwieldy title, ‘Leveraging Effective Ambulatory Practices (LEAP)’, this project simply aims to partner with and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services trying new approaches to improve quality of care.”
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29 August 2018

Working to keep Zika threat at bay

Did you catch the news stories last week about Zika outbreak warning? AITHM researchers Paul Horwood, Emma McBryde, Scott Ritchie and Tropical Public Health Services researcher Dunstan Peniyamina released a paper earlier this month discussing the biosecurity challenge for Northern Australia.
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14 August 2018

ParaGen Bio Launch - JCU Cairns

Congratulations to Professor Alex Loukas on the launch of ParaGen Bio Laboratories at James Cook University in Cairns. ParaGen Bio brings together a number of leading medical research teams to develop novel therapeutics that will inhibit chronic inflammatory and metabolic diseases.
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13 August 2018

Media Release: International Conference on Gut Microbiota and Health

Professor Zoltan Sarnyai will be presenting his researcher on 'Stress and resilience - how the microbiome and brain talk to each other' at ABC Catalyst's show on 17th August 2018.
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25 July 2018

Special Journal Issue

Congratulations to AITHM Members Patrica Graves and Peter Leggat on the release a special issue journal from the journal for Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease.
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25 July 2018

Media Release: Natural repellent to combat insect-borne disease in the Tropics

AITHM member Associate Professor Oelgemöllerand and JCU researchers have helped develop a technique to produce a potent mosquito repellent from essential oils.
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20 July 2018

Antimicrobial resistance in Shigella increasing over time

Highlights from the publication: 1. Evidence of antimicrobial resistance in Shigella increasing over time in Oceania. 2. Co-circulation of Shigella species and strains/virotypes in Papua New Guinea. 3. Shigella enterotoxin genes present in recent isolates, but not in pre-2009 isolates
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17 July 2018

Media Release: Junior doctor fights deadly disease

A James Cook University researcher has received funding to investigate an early warning system for a disease that kills approximately 2000 Australians every year.
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17 July 2018

When it comes to healthcare, Aussies with mental health issues still face barriers

When it comes to accessing healthcare, not all Aussies are equal, it seems. A survey of 5,248 adults measured access to healthcare with 39 questions covering from before to after reaching services, and found people with mental health issues were more likely to face barriers...
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28 June 2018

Award-winner tailors tropical medicine treatment

By writing software to analyse a veritable cosmos of data from genome sequencing, Dr Matthew Field has helped pinpoint the underlying genetic causes of diseases such as melanoma and lupus and enabled doctors to tailor precise treatment for individual patients.
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14 March 2018

Taking the jab (and the chill) out of vaccination

A team led by Associate Professor John Miles from James Cook University and Cardiff University’s Professor Andrew Sewell describe how they engineered a new vaccine production platform and built a fully synthetic flu vaccine.
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31 January 2018

Innovative research supported

A James Cook University researcher is the first to be funded by a new $5 million research centre announced today by the Children’s Hospital Foundation.
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12 January 2018

Common virus the key to early detection of a cancer

AITHM researchers have identified a subset of 14 antibodies that predict, with high accuracy, an individual’s risk of developing nasopharyngeal carcinoma - an infection-related cancer.
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10 January 2018

Can parasitic worms protect against type 2 diabetes?

Researchers at the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine and the Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention at James Cook University (JCU) are collaborating to infect people with worms to trial their effectiveness in preventing type 2 diabetes.
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01 December 2017

New research agenda to eradicate malaria

A James Cook University scientist is at the forefront of renewed international efforts to eradicate malaria from the face of the earth.
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16 October 2017

JCU to fight disabling tropical diseases with WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has picked James Cook University as a partner to battle diseases that kill more than a million people and make more than a billion people sick every year.
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13 October 2017

Grant to AITHM researcher targets malaria

An Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine researcher has been awarded funding to develop a malaria vaccine, that – if successful - could save nearly half a million lives a year.
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11 October 2017

AITHM scientists find scorpions target their venom

In the first study of its kind, AITHM scientists have shown scorpions can fine-tune their venom to suit different predators and prey.
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08 October 2017

$1.8M funding to tackle TB, Zika and other infectious diseases

AITHM has been awarded a $1.8M research grant to work towards building tropical partnerships and strengthening health system responses to infectious disease in the Indo-Pacific.
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20 September 2017

2017 Australasian Tropical Health Conference

2017 Australasian Tropical Health Conference recently in Cairns, focusing on health security and collaborations in the Asia-Pacific region.
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19 September 2017

Festival of Life Sciences

JCU Science Research Festival 2017
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08 September 2017

Food allergy - book publication

This book describes the molecular biology and immunology of major food allergens, from laboratory based science to clinical immunology, encompassing novel characterisation and quantification methods, the application of recombinant food allergens in molecular diagnosis and the development of novel therapeutics.
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07 September 2017

New weapons against tuberculosis

Research underway at the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) in Cairns and Townsville aims to save millions of lives currently threatened by tuberculosis (TB).
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17 August 2017

JCU buildings clean up at awards

JCU’s new, innovative buildings – The Science Place and AITHM, Townsville - have been recognised as the best of their type by the Master Builders North Queensland.
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14 August 2017

AITHM researchers honoured in QLD science awards

James Cook University researchers have picked up nearly half of this year’s Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Awards, with two from AITHM.
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11 August 2017

New clinical trial commences in TRF

Professor of Medicine, Damon Eisen is calling for local women who are post-menopausal and who have experienced more than three urinary tract infections (UTIs) in a 12-month period to sign up to a clinical trial to test the theory that aspirin will help reduce the incidence of the condition.
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