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Thanks to everyone for supporting the JCU Science Research Festival this year – for those who participated in the various events and for those who came along to the Festival talks, poster presentations, and caught up with our trade display companies, and for everyone for putting up with my many emails. A particularly big thanks to our judges - Prof. Maxine Whittaker, Dr Sandip Kamath, Dr Cathy Rush, Dr Hayley Letson, Assoc. Prof. Anthony Leicht and Dr Joe Moxon.

 The winners for the events were:

 Poster presentations

  • AITHM poster award: Roni Nugraha (PhD student, PHMVS): Conservation and Variability of Shellfish Allergens: Implications for Cross-Reactivity
  • CMD & CHS Best poster award: Denny Luo, Masoud Nasir, Nader Dawoud, Tony Yang and Raymond Lee The effect of green tea extract on the growth and viability of oral bacteria
  • CMD & CHS Best student poster: Radhika Patwardhan: The effect of interventions in decreasing the DKA incidence at first presentation of type 1 diabetes: a systematic review
  • CMD & CHS Runner-up student poster: Titan Ligita (PhD student): Seeking and Obtaining Advice and Explanation: People with Diabetes Learning about their Disease
  • CPHMVS Best poster award: Shay Karnaneedi: Deshelling the Prawn Genome: Identifying Allergens using Bioinformatics and Molecular Approaches
  • CPHMVS Best student poser: Santiago Pena: Tropical Summer Induces Sperm DNA Damage in Boars which can be Mitigated by Antioxidant Therapy 
  • CPHMVS Runner up student poster: Suchandan Sikder:  Adoptive transfer of Group A streptococcus memory T-cell and serum induces carditis  in a Lewis rat autoimmune valvulitis model

 ‘So you think you can research’ oral presentations

  • Honours student winner: Jordan Casey: Diabetic women’s perspectives of collecting colostrum in pregnancy for neonatal hypoglycaemia: a semi-structured interview study
  • Honours student runners up: Shay Karnaneedi: Deshelling the Prawn Genome: Identifying Allergens using Bioinformatics and Molecular Approaches
  • HDR student - Early Candidature winner: Sonja Brennar: The renal parenchyma - evaluation of a novel ultrasound measurement to assess fetal renal development
  • HDR student - Winner – Mid to late candidature: Thimo Ruethers: Tackling fish allergy in Australians - A molecular and immunological assessment of skin prick test preparations for in vivo diagnosis
  • HDR student Runner Up- Mid to late candidature: Roni Nugraha: Allergenomic discovery pipeline for cryptic shellfish allergens using large-scale transcriptomic and proteomic resources

Microscopy Image competition

  • Winner: Alyssa Budd: Distribution of f-actin fibres (green) within the mantle of juvenile tropical abalone, Haliotis asinina.
  • People’s choice: Rebecca Webb: High Five (Amphibian hand, stained with Masson trichrome)

Photos from this event can be found on the James Cook University facebook page here

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