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AITHM’s Cohort Program assists and nurtures students through a cohort model, providing seminars, workshops, peer learning and writing workshops. The program provides doctoral students with academic mentors, a peer support network, and two week long on-campus intensive research training courses.

The Program is aimed at health professionals working either full or part time in areas of medicine and health, including health promotion, nursing, and rehabilitation, sports and exercise sciences. It also includes students working in the fields of chemical, biomedical, molecular and veterinary sciences.

In 2016, there were 121 students in the program across 11 Cohorts. This includes students who are supported by an AITHM PhD Scholarship, whose scholarship award includes automatic entry into the Cohort program.

To date, there have been five PhD and one Master’s degree completions. This is in addition to one Master of Public Health and seven Graduate Certificate Research Methods who have transitioned or are in the process of transitioning to a PhD at JCU (with the exception of one Graduate Certificate). Retention rate in the program is still high at 88 per cent, and student outputs total more than 120 peer-reviewed publications in less than five years.

AITHM has also facilitated mentoring programs and professional development training courses for new staff and students and external stakeholders. Leveraging on the existing JCU media training opportunities, several AITHM researchers have undertaken a two-day media training intensive, with further media training scheduled for 2017. Further to this, a training package specifically for digital media has been presented to staff and students to further complement the existing social media training provided within AITHM’s Cohort Program.