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JCU and AITHM currently recognise and support significant groupings of researchers and research activity as University Research Centres, or as externally funded Research Centres.

Five of the six research themes emphasised by AITHM have one or more associated Centres. These Centres assist with management and support for individual AITHM programs and projects.

Centre for Biodiscovery & Molecular Development of Therapeutics (BMDT)

Co-Directors: Professor Alex Loukas and Professor Andreas Lopata

The BMDT provides an innovative approach to the development of compounds of therapeutic potential under its five key programs, with each program comprising its own project leader/s and team consisting of project researchers and early career researchers.

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Centre for Biosecurity and Tropical Infectious Diseases

Director: Professor Natkunam Ketheesan

Infectious disease agents impose major costs on human and animal health and are constantly threatening to undermine biosecurity. Detection and control of tropical infectious diseases is a major global challenge.

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logo for Centre for Biosecurity and Tropical Infectious Diseases

Comparative Genomic Centre

Director: Professor Alan Baxter

The Comparative Genomics Centre studies the molecular basis of health and disease in a wide range of model organisms. It uses cutting-edge technologies to dissect interactions between complex microbial flora and the genomes of host animals to develop detailed models of disease initiation and progression. These approaches are being taken to improve our understanding of cancers, metabolic diseases, endocrine diseases, as well as immunological and psychiatric disorders. These insights are being applied to develop novel diagnostic tools and potential therapies.

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Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Research

Director: Professor Jane Mills

The Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Research works collaboratively across disciplines to contribute to better health for people in the tropics by developing new prevention, diagnosis and treatment options for diseases that are of importance in the tropical world.

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Queensland Research Centre for Peripheral Vascular Disease

Chief Investigator: Professor Jonathan Golledge

The Queensland Research Centre for Peripheral Vascular Disease was established in 2010. The centre amalgamated the previously established James Cook University Vascular Biology Unit formed in 2002 and clinical research undertaken on peripheral vascular disease at The Townsville Hospital.

The centre focuses on research designed to improve understanding and ultimately improve management of peripheral vascular diseases.Current research undertaken in the centre includes pre- clinical work designed to identify novel treatment targets and risk predictors for peripheral vascular disease patients; studies aimed  at better understanding mechanisms involved in peripheral vascular disease development and progression, and clinical studies and trials designed to identify or test novel therapies for peripheral vascular disease.

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Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) in the Prevention of Chronic Conditions in rural and remote populations

JCU Chief Investigators: Professor Robyn McDermott and Associate Professor Alan Clough

The Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention (CCDP) is committed to working with health services and communities in Far North Queensland to improve the management of chronic disease, particularly diabetes, heart and renal disease.

The Centre receives funding from Department of Health, Queensland and includes the Centre for Research Excellence: Prevention of chronic conditions in rural and remote high risk populations (funded through the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute).

The Centre undertakes research related to prevention of chronic diseases in the community and improving primary health care practice and care pathways for chronic disease.

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Anton Breinl Research Centre for Health Systems Strengthening

Co-Directors: Professor Jacinta Elston and Professor Sarah Larkins

The Anton Breinl Research Centre brings together a multidisciplinary team of medical, nursing, public health and allied health researchers to build on JCU’s strong record of rural, remote, Indigenous and tropical health research. The Centre’s aim is to progress health equity in partnership with Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, rural and remote populations, tropical populations in neighbouring countries and other undeserved groups. The Centre hosts three streams of research:

  1. Health systems strengthening and workforce development
  2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health; and,
  3. Responding to priority health challenges in our region.

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