AITHM James Cook University

To achieve the aims of the Tropical Partners project the program of work has been broken into three Themes:

Theme 1 - Capacity strengthening in implementation research around surveillance and response

Theme 2 - Risk evaluation and health systems mapping

Theme 2a: Map public health systems activities in relation to International Health Regulations, addressing gaps between health policy and implementation.

Theme 2b: Map risk of epidemic spread/cross-border incursion related to priority pathogens.    

Theme 3 - Building on existing relationships to provide exemplar collaborations (in the field)

Theme 3a: Tuberculosis Modelling to inform National TB program policy.

Theme 3b: Risk factors and vectors for Zika and other arboviruses in the Solomon Islands.

Theme 3c: Transferability of the SDSS approach for ID control activities in the Solomon Islands.

Theme 3d: Investigate the distribution and prevalence of important zoonotic diseases in PNG.