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01 March 2022

Designing Health Care Roadmap for Northern Australia’s Health and Prosperity

A team of researchers from the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine at JCU are undertaking a large project which aims to improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of health services to North Queenslanders, and share learnings with partners across Northern Australia.
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15 February 2022

Emergency departments used for non-urgent cases

A study has found that many people are still attending hospital emergency departments with problems that could be dealt with by a GP.
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01 February 2022

New digital health platform being designed to close health gap

Digital technology is being harnessed to advance healthcare across Northern Australia, via a Northern Australian Regional Digital Health Platform.
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18 January 2022

Research supporting health in diabetes epidemic

Townsville-based researchers are developing new solutions to the diabetes epidemic through innovative research such as electromagnetic stimulation therapy, and ground-breaking clinical trials.
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08 December 2021

Podiatrist puts best foot forward on research path

Dr Malindu ‘Mal’ Fernando’s research career began when he joined the AITHM's second doctoral cohort program, offered at JCU, and now he is making international connections to improve solutions for Australians with diabetes-related foot disease
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01 December 2021

Closing in on a new test for Schistosomiasis

Researchers have made important progress towards a new diagnostic test for schistosomiasis, which could help the World Health Organisation (WHO) achieve its goal of interrupting transmission of the disease, and eventually eliminating it.
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18 November 2021

Battle to stop spread of new drug-resistant staph

An Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine scientist at James Cook University, is leading a team investigating the spread of new forms of a crippling children’s disease in Papua New Guinea.
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10 November 2021

Promising new JCU tuberculosis research funded

Tuberculosis research has been given a boost thanks to funding of more than $6 million to develop a replacement for a TB vaccine, which is only effective against TB in children.
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03 November 2021

New agreement to strengthen mosquito control in the Pacific

A collaboration agreement has been signed between the James Cook University (JCU) and the Pacific Community (SPC) to support vector surveillance efforts to reduce mosquito-borne diseases across the Pacific region and improve the wellbeing of Pacific Island people.
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27 October 2021

Going high tech to beat exotic disease

 Associate Professor Matt Field, is working to improve the detection and treatment of new infectious diseases by using a breakthrough technology in rural and remote health clinics that can stop outbreaks before they spread to the rest of Australia.
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22 October 2021

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Be part of an influential team who is supporting the development of new treatments for Type 2 diabetes.
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20 October 2021

Community Keeps Research on Track

Workshops being hosted on Waibene (Thursday Island) at the recently renamed Ngulaigau Mudh at the Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine, James Cook University Campus, are empowering community members to proactively drive and engage in research.
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12 October 2021

Landmark trial eliminates pest mosquito

In a first for the Southern Hemisphere, Australia’s leading mosquito researchers have shown a bacteria can successfully sterilise and eradicate the invasive, disease carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito which is responsible for spreading dengue, yellow fever and Zika.
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12 October 2021

Unlocking secrets of colorectal cancer

Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine at JCU immunologist Dr Roland Ruscher will use a new grant from the federal government to help unlock the secrets of colorectal cancer and the currently incurable Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
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06 October 2021

Harnessing Potential Treasure trove of Modern Medicines from Tropical Plants

Rapid developments in technology and emerging specialist expertise could be the catalyst to unlocking the world’s natural reserves of tropical plants, and a treasure trove of new medicines, according to researchers from the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine at James Cook Universit
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29 September 2021

International Group Tracking new zoonotic disease

Mosquito experts from the AITHM are partnering with Indonesian and other Australian researchers to evaluate an emerging disease in monkey-to-human transmission of malaria parasites across Indonesia, as zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19 increase in frequency and severity.
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22 September 2021

Priority to deliver vaccines to younger age group for herd immunity

Researchers from the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine have developed a new model to track the COVID pandemic – and it’s showing them Australia should prioritise delivering vaccines to 12-40 year-olds.
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15 September 2021

Tropical health research in top 10 nationally funded projects

High-tech research with the potential to change the public health landscape of Northern Australia is just one of the projects from the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine at JCU, recognised by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).
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01 September 2021

Getting to the guts of Coeliac Disease

Researchers are examining whether harbouring some worms in the gut may hold answers to painful health issues such as coeliac disease.
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25 August 2021

Funding windfall to accelerate kidney research

Townsville researcher and AITHM member Professor Andrew Mallett will lead a $3 million national research program, which aims to improve the lives of Australian families with genetic kidney disease.
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